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Patient Reviews of Doctors and Med-Ped Family Care in Wichita, KS

Med-Ped Family Care Doctor and Medical Staff Reviews

My whole family, including my four daughters, go to Med-Ped Clinic. We love the entire staff. The receptionists at the front desk are prompt and organized. They always have all the paperwork together and make sure we are taken back to the doctor in a timely fashion. I receive reminders to schedule shots and check ups for the kids. The Dr. Mansoor and all the PA’s are attentive to detail and are always thorough during our visits. They are familiar with my children and family’s needs and I always feel like we received the utmost in care after a visit. My father in law has diabetes and since coming to Med-Ped we finally have gotten it controlled. I highly recommend Med-Ped Clinic. This is an office that truly cares.

Victoria Nguyen

Samrah Mansoor

Jennifer Nguyen

Briana Hatfield

Diane Huynh

Victoria Nguyen

Tahir Ahmad

Everybody was nice ,like the one work name is Denisse.

Chen Liu

Everyone’s crazy now a days lol. I don’t know what DR’s you guys see their but mine is Dr. Roslyn. She is only there on Tuesday’s and Friday’s but she is by far the best Dr i have ever had! You will definitely be waiting for atleast 30 min or 45 to see her and get out of there, but that is only because she takes her time with you and actually listens to you and diagnosis you accurately every time!

Jonathan Clark

Very organized clinic with caring doctors and support staff. Very fast service even as a walk in patient. I had one issue at this clinic due to a misunderstanding and after talking to the doctor about it it quickly became a non-issue. I have been a patient here for four years and I recommend them to my friends and family. Oh and this was a honest review written by me a real patient to show them my appreciation.

Tim Blaine

They take care of your needs…

Anthony Reese

This is a true review written by me, Bill Hamilton, a grandfather, and is offered freely and spontaneously. I’m 68 years old. This Med-Ped family clinic has been truly very helpful to me. From Dr. Shahzad the previous owner to Dr. Mansoor the current owner, I have received professional care that is intelligent and thoughtful and deep with human care. Dr. Shahzad, the former owner was a very smart and accomplished man with no time for insincere patients. The old “Doctor” Rosalynn was my benefactor and the former nurse Carlina was my homing beacon. Dr. Mansoor is a loving, no-nonsense person whose heart for children fills the waiting room, which is usually alive with those children; so, if you don’t like children then another clinic might be for you. It is true that sometimes I have had to wait to get attention like in any doctor’s office, and once I had to wait an hour, so I bring a book or a project with me to the waiting room. Dr. Mansoor is always sharp intellectually, bright in attitude, and glowing with a warm heart. But don’t try to con her because she can get an attitude like a mother who found you smoking out behind the shed. All the staff are compassionate and sympathetic to older people like me. I have never had any problems getting in. My only complaint is that they don’t give me a piece of candy when I don’t cry getting a shot.


MedPed Clinic is a single point resource for resolving all of your medical concerns. With Dr. Samrah Mansoor, you can be sure of right diagnostics, personal care and quick resolution for the whole family from Granny’s to Toddler’s. The hospitable environment and the caring attitude of all staff initiates treatment from the time you enter clinic. Great job Dr. Samrah Mansoor with a Big Thank-you.

Iftikhar Khan

I was so lucky to find this place! I wasn’t feeling well and stumbled upon an actual doctors office that sees walk in patients. Urgent and immediate care does this as well but they tell you to follow up with your regular doctor. At Med Ped, you follow up there because they are your “regular doctor”! 5 days later my youngest daughter came down with an ear infection, once again I was a walk in patient. I had no wait time on either visit as well. My daughters saw a pediatrician from the day they where born and he passed away quite suddenly. Since then, I have been a bit of a roamer not really finding a doctor that even came close to replacing him. Thankfully today that has changed! Not only have a found a great place to take my daughters, but now I have a new doctor to take care of my husband and I as well. I have an appointment tomorrow for my yearly check up. Thank you Med Ped for restoring my faith in good doctors that truly care for the health and well being of your patients! Same day appointments, fast friendly service and no wait time makes this place a rare commodity! Anyone looking for a new family clinic to call your home should definitely give Med Ped a call or even walk right in! 🙂

Amber Voyles

All the staff was helpful, direct and some of the sweetest people I have ever met. The Doctor was a very sweet and straight forward, with some of the best bed side manner I have ever seen.

Strangely Indecisive

The visit I had last was wonderful like all my visit. Dr.Monsoor is always pleasant. I am in and out within an hour. She ssatisfying to me.

Jackie Colbert

Dr. Mansoor, samar, Jennifer,Denisse, Emma all are wonderful and have attended to all my medical needs and they are very emotionally supportive most of all they are always there for me! I feel very blessed that I have Med Ped clinic as my primary care and the walk in clinic!

Carol Cochran

Dr Mansoor, Mgr. samar, Receptionist Jennifer & Denisse and Mas’ Emma & Tina, I really appreciate how everyone care about and care for me.I appreciate getting in really quick every single time. They’re very friendly and call me by my name.

Rita Roets

Me and my family been a Med Ped customers since 2006. I really like dr. Shahzad and specially dr. Mansoor. Really nice clinic great customer care, I highly recommend!

Rakoony Smith


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