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Allergy Immunotherapy: A Natural Approach

Unlike medications that provide temporary relief, allergy immunotherapy does not mask symptoms, but can actually improve the course of allergic disease for the long term. This can mean that the burdens of allergy, such as taking daily medications and missing work or school, may be reduced.2 Allergy immunotherapy has even been shown to reduce the risk of developing asthma in patients with allergic rhinitis and prevent the development of new sensitivities in people who already have an allergic disease. Immunotherapy, also known as “allergy injection” is a form of treatment that uses extracts of natural allergens, such as pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and animal dander, that cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Allergen extracts are made up of tiny amounts of these allergens collected from their source in nature and dissolved in sterile liquid solutions for use by your doctor. Allergen injections strengthen your immune system and increase your tolerance to unavoidable allergens.2,4 Once your doctor has identified your specific allergen(s), you start the initial build-up phase by receiving a low level of exposure to those allergens injected into the skin. Over time, the amount of allergen exposure is gradually increased so that your body gets used to it and does not react with allergy symptoms.4,5,6 In this way, your body can become desensitized to the allergens that once caused problems for you.4 Then, you continue to receive the effective allergen dose during the maintenance phase of therapy.

Allergy immunotherapy is a particularly good choice for:

  • People with allergy symptoms that cannot be controlled by avoidance or medications
  • People who have unacceptable side effects with medications
  • People who want to reduce their use of long-term medications


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